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Going to Norwalk?

For the first time in quite a while; I visited the web site of Firelands Rails to Trails who is working to develop the Huron County section of the North Coast Inland Trail. They opened 3.3 miles of trail between Norwalk and Monroeville in 2005. However, to my surprise, they have opened more trail; between Rt. 547 and Williams Rd. (West of Monroeville) (1.6 miles). They are continuing to clear trail between the open sections and westward to Bellevue, with the goal of bridging the West Branch of the Huron River in Monroeville in 2008. They have even begun to clear right-of-way east of Norwalk, near Collins, and may have a trail there before long. Quietly, they are working to close the gap in an envisioned trail between Cleveland and Toledo through Huron County. We need to close the gap between Milan and Norwalk and connect the Huron River Greenway to the North Coast Inland Trail, as envisioned in many trail network maps over the years. It can be done. If you would like to discuss it, please send me an email at the address below.

How High's the Water, Mama (redux)

On March 2nd, 2007, the Huron River flooded again, cresting at 20.33 feet (flood stage is 18 feet), becoming the 9th highest crest on record and bumping out the #10 flood of 1/6/07 I had told you about in the last update of this page (the old #9 flood of 2/17/76 became #10). I happened to be on the Greenway during this flood and saw that water was over the trail a few inches at a few locations and was lapping the bridge timbers over Milan Village Creek. I was more concerned about the trail this time than in the previous floods, because this flood had the added element of ice breaking up and damming the river. Once again, there was no noticeable damage to the Greenway after the waters had receded, of which we all can be thankful. A visit the next morning revealed large chunks of ice left on the trail, which became a curiosity to visitors and their children.

"This is the first time I've been here," he said. "It's beautiful." Statement of a visitor quoted in an article in the Sandusky Register, July 22, 2007.

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Erie MetroParks Huron River Greenway brochure (Adobe PDF file) --Includes a Greenway map.

--Directions: The North Greenway parking lot and entrance is adjacent to a large Erie County water tower on River Road in Huron Township. From US 6 (Cleveland Rd. E.) in Huron; turn south on River Road, about 2 miles to the water tower. From the Ohio 2 expressway; exit at Berlin Road and turn north toward Huron. Turn at the first left, Sprowl Road. Go west on Sprowl Road, which dead-ends at River Road. Turn left to go south on River Road, about 3/4 mile to the water tower. From Ohio 13 (off US 250) turn right onto Mason Road, cross the river, then turn left onto River Road. Take River Road 3 miles north to the water tower. River Road in the City of Huron has also been improved with bike lanes to connect to the Greenway.

--The South Greenway parking lots are available on both the north and south sides of Mason Road, between State Route 13 and River road (see the previous paragraph). Check out the Ohio Historical Marker north of Mason Road.

--Directions-Milan section: A small parking area is available at the southern Greenway entrance at the foot of the Main Street hill in the Village or Milan. From US 250/State Routes 13 and 113, turn left (north) on Main Street from Church Street (Rt. 113) at the traffic light. Follow Main Street down the hill and look for the Huron River Greenway sign. Park on the LEFT, behind the sign, the entrance gate is just ahead. DO NOT park in front of or near the building on the right--you may be ticketed and/or towed. If full, park around the Square and walk/ride down the hill.

Remember: DO NOT ENTER OR LEAVE THE OPEN TRAIL AT ANY POINT EXCEPT AT THE DESIGNATED ENTRANCES. There is no public entrance or exit at Riverview Drive (the Franklin Flats road) to the trail on the northern section. Stay out of all undeveloped sections; they are still closed. To do otherwise will be AT YOUR OWN RISK. Call 911 for emergencies only, or Erie MetroParks rangers at 419-621-4220 (M-F, 8AM to 5PM) or 419-625-7951 at all other times. Enjoy yourself, it's YOUR trail!

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Updated 9 August 2007

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